Skinny Models

March 10, 2006

I have no ID for these. So if someone knows the name of any of them please leave a comment.



  1. 1. Emina Cunmulaj
    2. Natalia Vodianova
    3. Snejana Onopka 🙂

  2. Damn those models r soooo fuckin skinny! They look like skeletons man they’ll look much better if they have sum way more meat there to skinny they look like sticks just like me i wish i could gain weight cuz everyone makes fun of me i swear and it just suck i swear

  3. its horrible how this is considered pretty or art , its things like this that has people getting eating diesorders by implanting the thought that this is whats considered glamorous and beautiful.

  4. it’s just sick!!!!!!!!!

  5. no woman is nice overly skinny.has the fashion world really come to this?i hope we wont have any overly skinny women walking around and fainting.i used to model too and when i was pressured to go to a size 4 i did not accept because no one or no contract is worth taking your health away.unhealthy sucks arse!

  6. Perhapes the other posters have weight problems and this is why they feel so passionate; I do not know nor care. However what I do care about is medeling of the thought police.
    Perhapes people, like the previouse posters, should stop medeling in the minds and thoughts of others and concentrate on fixing their own lives and problems. Leave people alone…to each their own.
    What I do know is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to me these models are gorgeous.

    linqiushan, NY

  7. i just wanna be soooo skinny and i love really really really skinny models and i myself wanna be 1… i just LOVE SKINNY MODELS….

  8. i just wanna be soooo skinny and i love really really really skinny models and i myself wanna be 1… i just LOVE SKINNY MODELS….

  9. OMG all models seem to be WAY too skinnii n dats not good nor normal… ..the modeling industry needs to be more realistic not everyone looks like that nor i bet many people dont want to look like that..some models just look horrible like this ..have sum meat on ur bones guys like nice full girlz not flat thin girls..well im just saying that this isnt good for young girls like me to see because some girls actually think thats how a “preety” girl is suppose to look..i dont im hapii dat way i am !!!!! girls need to be themselves!!!


  10. I think they are super hot. Of course, I have always loved skinny girls. I don’t really care too much about their chest size or a lot of other things. To me, skinny is where it is at.

    And, just so you know… There is NOTHING normal about models. They are genetic freaks of symmetry. And, they are models because clothes look good on them and they have beautiful faces.

    Anyone that tries to paint this as abusive to women or bad for women or whatever … deal with yourself. Don’t blame advertising.

  11. Skinny Models are the sexyest, hottest Girls – and so lovely!

  12. All of these girls are beautiful. They are very thin though and would look better to me if they were a to gain some more mass. Then they would look healthier. I personally am very underweight (85 lbs at 5’2″) and I have a hard time gaining weight because of health issues. I think that people should be more kind to others that have weight issues, because most people are either over or under weight, not perfect. I think modelling agencies should hire beautiful people that are a variety of weights and heights. Just like the human population. That way we can all see how the garment would really look on many of us, and not just the “skinny” ones.

  13. guys who like skinny models are PEDOFILES

  14. Deffinatly put it out there, overly skinny models and the media and nicole are very negative they have had effects on all of us. i know I have been affected, i’m sucked into the skinnies and now i’m in treatment and almost died. i really think something should be done about this fashion industry and nicole needs a ding dong.

  15. i agree with what sunshine had to say, There should be more support in putting a variety of women and men on the cat walk, versus only women who are unnaturally thin. Milan is trying to pass a law where you must meet minimal healthy weight requirement before being allowed on the cat walk, because only 5% of the population has this type of body. It is because very few of us actually look like the symmetrical stick thin models that we want to be that way (we tend to want what we don’t have or can’t get) that is why skinny models seem so attractive. In the 1950’s it was considered beautiful to be a size 8 (there were very few women who were beginning what would turn into a trend to be a size 2-00). Now a days it is frowned upon if you are not at least a size 4. For a woman an larger then a size 8 and has a curvy body, it is almost impossible for her to find designer clothing that fits right, because they are designed for the thin, not the curvy. I don’t promote people who are over weight, I just think it is more important to be healthy and fit, rather than skinny and muscless.

    I like that the Dove campaign shows women of different sizes, ranging from 2’s-14, they display women who of normal weight, to just a little over weight, but not women who are chubby because they want to promote health. I think that is important.

    As you have noticed, most of these models survive on salads and cigarettes to stay thin and we all know what cigarettes do to the internal organs, and the skin. Have you seen these women without their make up? Tis not a lovely sight, so do you still think their so beautiful when they are rotting from the inside out?

  16. Im a young teenager who is so confused.I feel I am overweight and want to loose weight but where do you draw the line? my boyfriend and family say im beautiful but it wouldnt harm me to loose weight as long as im careful but what is the ideal weight for a 15 year old at 5ft 1? Im scared to become over obsesed with loosing weight. can anyone help?

  17. Naomi – according to the Body Mass Index scale, the correct weight range for someone of your height is roughly 100-130 pounds. However, since you’re still very young, your weight may not fit exactly in that scale, but that’s still normal for a fifteen year old! Please – don’t diet the hell out of your body…take it from someone who’s been there and done that! Look after your body by eating healthily and don’t think you have to be as skinny as these models to be acceptable! These women are freaks of nature! Seriously…models are beautiful, but there’s about fifty women in the world who actually look like that (out of three billion)!

  18. Naomi – The best advice for you, at your age, is to make your #1 priority EATING ENOUGH. And–get this–that should be so you can STAY THIN. Number #2, right there alongside, is exercise. At your age, use #2 for your weight control, not #1. The reason for all this is that, with your body still developing, (not just growing–I mean inside stuff), making sure you get enough calories, and enough different nutrients, will give your body the pieces to best do its job of fine tuning itself for the long haul.

    Photography is tricky. I’ve worked with it enough to realize that there are certain things about what happens on a photo that make extra-thin actualy work much, much better than it does in real life. In three dimensions, what triggers “pretty” in peoples’ minds actually tends to be different, brains are naturally wired to pull “pretty” out of what looks healthy, not actually just (or even at all) thin. So shoot for healthy, and you’ll actually achieve what you want better. Forget the weight number, it’s deceptive. Trust your senses, esp. how you feel.

    Oh, yeah, and exercise, if you work your way into it (nice and slow) over 2-3 weeks, will eventually start kicking out all sorts of good chemicals in your brain that will make you happier, less confused, and more confident. Confidence looks healthy, too, and you know what that means.

    Let the models torture themselves to play the photo game. I’d personally much rather play to win in real life.

    Have fun…

  19. These girls in the pictures.. they are beautiful.. but is that just the media talking or is it me???? I’m confused. This image of the ultimate woman is so ingrained into our heads as girls that this as beauty. we begin to think it.. and if we dont measure up like them we dont feel worthless. ugly. we feel self-conscious and down on ourselves … and guys dont help becuase guys LIKE skinny girls.. but hey, it’s INGRAINED into their heads as well. So we starve. we run till we puke. we stand in the mirror and despise ourselves and cry. we hate these girls.. but we want to BE them.

  20. thanx to everyone for replying to my message it helped! xx luv Naomi thanx again

  21. 100% Albanian girl

  22. I think that skinny girls are perfectly fine as long as it natural. obviously, people with eating disorders need help. i am a 5′ 6″ teenager that weighs around 95 pounds. but i’m not skinny because i have a disorder or i think the world wants me to be. i just AM. i always have been. people ask me if i have a disorder because when i wear a bathing suit, you can count my ribs. dont be so quick to judge the skinny women! some of us just cant help it.

  23. I have always admired skinny women, and i think that women who are really thin (like the girls above)are beautiful as long as they are not forcing themselves to be on unhealthy diets…if its natural then its ok.

  24. To Kayla: being 95 lbs. at 5’6 can only be attibuted to insufficent calorie intake (by not eating). Unless you have a medical problem that inhibits you from retaining weight…and im not talking about having a fast metabolism cuz having a quick metabolism does not account for being underweight, i would suggest you stop making excuses and admit that you have a problem.. your not fooling anyone. I am 5’6 and 110 lbs and I am probably too skinny myself, but i can admit that its because i deprive my self from eating from time to time, but i know its not healthy and i plan to do something about it…you should too.

  25. That so encourages eating disorders!Im glad I got over mine. Models with curves look far more prettier and they should replace them scary looking insects. Im surprised they arnt dead by now!

  26. look i think everyone can have their own opinion with this subject, i hate media involvement saying it is just the fashion industry to blame for eating disorders etc. its not. there is also far too much media concerning weight loss programmes like biggets looser UK n others. young girls are surrounded by different expectations of weight, i find it hard to see reality sometimes. i might be against some of my friends and feel unbeliveably skinny ( im size 6-8 and 16, 5’6”) and sometimes i look at myself and think i need to loose abit here and there.
    skinny models if they are natural are stunning, ie lilly cole or gemma ward. however the unhealthy ones just look repulsive and make u pity them. the worst thing is when u realise you are not eating enough and then people start telling you that you have lost weight without knowing. its nice knowing people are considering you skinny and some , maybe sick, pleasure from being considered to have lost too much weight and being envied. but its important to catch it before it escalates. do what is beauitful for you, not by others standards. if you are big and beautiful be big, if your skinny and beautiful, stay skinny.

  27. im so depresite


  29. Deena, you cannot simply accuse someone of having an eating disorder when they do not. It’s REALLY harsh to point the finger at Kayla and say shes anorexic when she is not. Her BMI is very low and she probably should gain weight, but I am the same, I’m 5’11 and 115 pounds.

    Snejana, Natalia and Emina are obviously very thin, but they’re models, they don’t get paid to strut 150 pounds down a runway do they. These girls, with the exception of a few, are naturally tiny anyway, don’t be so quick to point the finger and call someone anorexic. Its not like underweight people (like me) enjoy looking skeletal is it.

  30. I just want to say that tall skinny girls are sexy, beautiful, sweet and just fun and have a great personality.

    Also a lot of things fit nice on tall skinny girls.
    Have you seen the victoria secret models how sexy and beautiful they are??????
    Being very skinny isn’t good being skinny like Giselle Bunchen lets say is good because she doesn’t look sick.
    But everyone goes through stuff so is understandabule why they are the way they are or look. And just to let people know never feel bad for not having the shape just have fun and don’t listen to people.

  31. I love skinny models there so sexy. All the people who say its sick are just obese and fat its true. Skinny models legs are so sexy why else would the be considered a SUPER MODEL. Every one out there starve yourself so you can where a bathing suit and look hot, don’t listen to your advisor’s it will be worth it when you make everyone jealous and you look at yourself in the mirror and feel hot

  32. Sexy. Most American girls are fat. There are only a few real hotties.

  33. Hot! All girls need to be thin. You can look at a model and go “Oh baby i wanna be like her!”

  34. i think thats the most gorgeous shit ive ever seeennn

  35. these girls are so beautiful 😦

  36. wow der are lk two skinny!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. OMG!!! i think that the’s girls look fantastic. im a size zero and i love it!!! i was once a size 3, and i thought that i was normal and that i look fine. i thought girls that were skinnier then me looked sick, but then i realized that i was jealous. if u dont like skinny girls, then that is your problem. a BMI of 18 is sooooo high. mine is 16.4 and i look fine!!!

  38. السلااااااااااااااااااااااام

  39. I myself have been skinny my entire life. My mother and father were both underweight when they were my age and my older sister as well. It is in my genes to be skinny. I eat like a horse and don’t gain a pound. I’m about 5’9 and don’t even weigh 100 pounds. I am living proof that not models have eating disorders. I simply cannot gain weight. And naturally skinny people face the same problem as people with obesity problems. They cannot change their genetics and makeup. So people need to learn that there are all sizes of people and just because you are thin DOES NOT mean you have an eating disorder. I have been facing torment my entire life for being skinny. I have always hated it, because i wanted to look healthy. I agree that yes, eating disorders are wrong. Most people who critisize skinny people have problems with accepting their own weight. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and people need to accept each other. So at 19 i have realized all of this and finally accepted my weight and just now am learning to love myself and the way i am. So please, people when you decide to discriminate about the image of others people take a good look at yourself first. This body is going to make me a career so get over it.

  40. i personaly think that these models look gorgeous.

    when i was 11 years old (now 16)
    i weighed 42 pounds (3 stone)
    i looked very ill and gaunt. but i didn’t have an eating disorder or anything like; i had a really. maybe unaturally high metabolism. i ate like a pig, and didn’t gain anything. i didn’t even think about it at the time. its only now, as i’v grown older and out of the high metabolism rate that i look back at holiday photos and think, omg i look really thin,

    now i weigh in the average section of the weight chart and i look healthy.

    still, i would love to be able to look as skinny as the models at the top of the page. any bosy that says they don’t want to look like that is lying. it is human nature to want to look as beautiful as possible. and the models wouldn’t be models if they wern’t what the public thought was perfect and beautiful, or as close as.


  41. skinniness isn’t beauty!:(

  42. it is… pro ana 4 ever…..

  43. it is… pro ana 4 ever…

  44. I think they are too skinny. Models don’t have to be all skin and bone. Some people get disgusted by skinny models. as much as i want to be a model, if i had too be that thin i would never want to become one!

  45. TO THIN

  46. I personally think that sometimes these models are too thin but leave them alone. Some things are meant to be certain ways. Models look better in the clothes whgen they are thinner. The naturally skinny ones are also taking the fault…back off. I want to be a fashion designer someday and I think I will choose models who are thin. Not this thin…but quite thin.

  47. they look so cool like that
    i like them so what if their skinny ?. it ‘s better than yo be fat like me! i will be like them!

  48. the first one is beautifulllll :P, i duno bout the rest but shes gorgeous, and shes albanian too haha like me, fuk the rest we are the best. although she is kinda on the skinny side and not many albanian girls are that skinny shes still beautiful like most of us albos

  49. ohh and fuk u ron, u obviously have no clue about what is beautiful, there are people of all different shapes and sizes in the world, just coz sum1s skinny doesnt mean they are ugly so SHAME asshole

  50. okay, yes it would be absolutely perfect to look that way. but how realitic is it? how can you be healthy and not stress out all the time and look that fabulous? it isnt possible unless you’re demented and cant handle the pressure society throws out at you.

  51. emm.. there is really somthing wrong with the people that think that being like that it good. why would you look up to them? they are ruining their well being and mind jst for the sake of being that skinny. is it worth it? i don’t no anyone who finds tht sexy or attractive.

  52. I love skinny models very very much. 2 years ago I had been on diet and had lost 11 kilo, but I had problems with my health…so I advice all girls that diet is terrible it can make us mad. I prefer my healt because I think that health is the most improtant thing in our life.

  53. they are so pretty u guys are u sure ur not jus jealous i mean i am!

  54. I’m 24 years old, 5’6 and 106 pounds. For almost two years straight, I ate like a horse every day hoping to gain an extra pound. I became a couch potato. I even went on a fast food diet..Guess what? I am still “skinny”. And in 2 years of abusing my body, I only raised my cholesterol, not my weight. I realize now though that the only reason I was tormenting myself was because of what people would say or think about me. I had to accept that I’m just naturally thin. So people need to stop being so damn judgemental and over opiniated. The names I got called for being skinny like “olive oil, anorexic (very painful)”, etc. are just as mean as the ones people say to fat people. Maybe even worse because people are usually afraid to criticize fat people to their faces but not skinny people.

    My point is that maybe some people just have the genes for modelling. It’s the ones that don’t and go around binging/purging and starving that give all of us skinny girls a bad rep.

    Underweight/skinny people have it just as bad as overweight people. God bless the modelling industry for giving us an oppurtunity and occupation where we are accepted and idolized!

  55. hi, I wrote a message on this page a long time ago, I was confused about losing weight and what was really healthy for a short 15 year old. I was really overweight and am still currently overweight but I have already lost 20 and a half pounds (1 stone 6 and a half pounds) and I am continuing to lose weight. I have eaten healthy and exercised regularly.
    This just proves that it is possible to lose weight and still be healthy. Every one is beautiful in there own way.

  56. p.s. there are two Naomi`s who put comments on this website so people may mix us up but we have different views I think.

  57. Wow. And the pic is probably photoshopped too. A disgrace to the cat walk and making more and more girls have eating disorders.

  58. I can’t believe all americans don’t understand what is actually a model and how they sopposed to look. I can’t belive u call this very skinny, this is how they should look like. Please, just visit to France for once, and than you’ll understand.

  59. calm down, i think they look fine.

  60. hey ppl! Can you please help me I wanna become a size 0 but dunno how..i think that it doesnt matter if youre skinny or fat, it is up to you. BUt I think that skinny is sexy! Can someone help me?


  61. They are beautiful, they are skinny but they are beautiful.

    Models are skinny because clothes look better on them, it’s that simple. It’s not to shock, it’s to sell the image the designer is trying to create with that line.

    Anyone wanting to become this thin is wrong, you either are or your not. There’s no point trying to get there cuz you’ll just make yourself I’ll. If you start out life in early teens Skinny.. then you can stay that way for the rest of your life, but if your bigger… pointless.

    I love skinny girls, always have… I have one myself she’s tiny. Sexy as hell in my eyes but tiny !!

  62. YUCK! gain some weight!!!!!!!! you look like a plastic barbie who got caught in fire and had some of the plastic burnt off. yuck!

  63. they are all too too thin!!!!!

  64. i don’t think that models even hav to be pretty anymore…… just as long as they’re pretty..there r very few women who look like that off the catwalk.. it’s really disgusting.

  65. woops i meant skinny instead of pretty

  66. In North America, there are more overweight people than underweight… But you don’t see thsoe people in the public, so everyone assumes that everyone and their grandmother has bulimia and anorexia. Models are skinny..we get it. Maybe if you stopped bitching and calling them disgusting you could try and help those with eating disorders, since you seem to be so preoccupied by it.

  67. I think they are BEAUTIFUL..and if only i looked like that i think i would be happy, the only reason our society is putting an end to this is bc WE ARE FAT!!!.all of this damn country should ban fast food maybe our fatasses would get off the damn couch and do some running..i love these girls and they worked hard to get where they are today…

  68. People have got to stop saying that these models are too skinny. The truth is, the only way you’re going to become a model is if you’ve got “the look”. These models have been told throughout their career what to eat and what exercises to do, so don’t blame on them that they’re too skinny. Also, some models just have a fast metabolism. Certain clothes hang better on a thin frame. And c’mon, no-body wants to watch an obsese model strut down the runway in a Chanel couture gown or whatever. & not all models are anorexic anyway. Take example for Adriana Lima, Kate Moss, Gemma Ward and Tyra Banks.

  69. omg those models are gorgeous…they are so skinny..i wish i was that skinny..well peace out

  70. What! Yes these girls are skinny , but they are models. Snejana onopka isn’t too skinny, however it would be tragic for her to try to loose weight.She just is naturally thin and has a small body frame. Emina Cunmulaj does have a small top frame but under that dress are curvy legs with hips. Its not models who you should attack, its celebrities like Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan.

  71. hiya i wanna be skinny bu not to skinny in skl they say im very skinny and tonned bu im not im verry heavy for my height

  72. Its true, certain clothes such as the High Fashion and Vogue do look good on these girls. But the clothes they model aren’t normally worn by the average girl. Its sad to see how much girls do fall to prey to advertising. I myself feel the same, its as if being that small is going to credit you with the same attention these girls receive. However, not true, its safe to say that advertising does feul our societies desire for materialism. But it seems as if its a vicious cycle. Girls with big insecurities look to these pictures, which only make them even more insecure. Not being pessimistic but I think the problem will never go away. We can’t rely on media to change, because chances are it never will. As cliche as it is, change needs to happen within, because you are the only person you are in control of. And just remember, every single person is going to face some sort of dilemma in their lives; these girls many not struggle with phyiscal beauty (in some peoples eyes), but just like you, we are all still humans. Its crazy how we put people up on pedestals to worship certain attributes, when we might not relaize others do the same about us. Anyways, as the old sayings go: physical beauty is only skin deep….and beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  73. These girls are beautiful & thin. Natural or not, It’s up to them how they choose to look. Worry about your own weight, not theirs. And realize, this is the high fashion look. They’re not going to have overweight people model for them. It’s just not realistic. All of you can worry about yourself and your own personal taste, and leave their bodies up to them.

  74. i think all the models in the pics look stunning.im on my way to being as skinny as them n i love it i used to be average n it wo borin. wen i started losin weight every1 noticed n i loved the attention now ppl say im 2 thin but its jus cos theyre jealous that my hip bones arent covered in a layer of fat n they stand out however im stood skinny is better:)the clothes models wear wud look dodgy on any1 who wasnt skinny anyway.

  75. these woman are rather thin. i know a few females who are just naturally thin. and then i know some, like my favorite cousin, who is living in the hospital because of her eating disorder. i think eating healthy, proper amounts is really important. so is exercise. i’ll never look like emina, but that’s okay. i like having some shape! plus, i’m a great size, and it’s from being healthy. so, to each his own, i guess!

  76. wow all these girls are really pretty i wish i could be like that and look like that

  77. i think that skinny women are beautiful, but you can tell when they are forcing it. they LOOK sick and weak and not well. I am almost 15 yrs old, 5’7 and weigh 93 pounds. I am a model and i have had school nurses call home to ask if i throw up, i’ve been made fun of, threatened; and my weight is ALL NATURAL. i have a smoothie every day and eat like a total pig. i can’t help that i am skinny and have a fast metabolism. And everybody asks my mom if i have an eating disorder saying they are worried, meanwhile; nobody is asking mothers of overweight/obese children if THEY have an eating disorder. Everybody is so used to seeing overweight children they are not used to our beauty. so if you dont know them, DONT JUDGE THEM

  78. I just think this is sick!
    Why on earth would anyone want to look like this ? It’s disturbed that they do it because they want a carrier! It’s not worth it, that’s for sure!
    They don’t even look pretty, they look like skeletons walking around. I know it’s because the designers want their creations to look as good as possible but to risk someones life trying to do that, that’s just wrong! I mean GOD, gain a few punds, would you ?????

  79. I think that the girls in these pictures are too skinny, but on the other side, I haven’t got a problem with skinny girls in general.
    Paige has got a point! There are so many overweight girls out there, and it’s extremely dificult for a girl to lose weight and not being worried about – but if you gain weight, people won’t say a thing!

  80. some people are like that i get made fun of all the time! i dont think its sick at all!!!

  81. Its not a case of liking it or not liking it. Being that thin is detrimantal to your health, thats no a matter of opinion its a matter of fact. Yes it may look beautiful to some, the majority of the public have been brainwashed by skinny celebrities and models for years now, fooled in to thinking they are freaks because they arent as skinny as them. The sad part is, that these models are the freaks, and these young girls with very short careers are damaging their own health for the sake of some people thinking they are beautiful.

  82. no offence deena but quit bein a b***h cause im the same way as Kayla but i might eat more … i ea alot but i do have a fast motabolism and i work out some (5mins of situps +alittle running)and im athletic(soccer swimming) …so dont judge us people that are skinny just becuase your BIGGER than us

  83. i tink that skinny models should be gone.
    id say that the madjority of people who live now are mainy bigger then this.
    it looks awful.
    who cares if your bigger. you look much better curvey then boney and i notice that many more boys preferre a girl with something to hold rather then feel.
    they are not pretty and who wants a boney figure.

  84. I think they are all the perfect size.. Snejana Onopka is absolutely stunning!

  85. I want Snejans knees!

  86. I want Snejanas knees!

  87. Everyones intitaled to there personal opinions, and mine is, if there happy that wy, then whats the problem? Maybe they are unhealthy and too skiiny, but that’s there choice. Yeah, try and help, try to help them get a balanced diet. But don’t critisize or insult.

  88. omg i love looking at thoses models it makes me feel better about myself! im just as skinny as them or skinner i dont have a problem i eat more them my friends and im 90 and 5’6 i think its ok! im so sick of what people say about me and make me eat!! people just need to go over them selves and not makefun of skinny girls!!!!!!!!!!

  89. I guess someone has to say it…. Thin is in, and
    Fat will never ever be beautiful. Some people might say “Real women have curves”, but who are they kidding? Let’s see a fashion show for morbidly obese women, or a ballet for fat girls. Quite hypocritical that everyone diets and exercises to try to be thin, yet gorgeous women with perfect bodies are scorned. Jealous much?

  90. i wonder what the bone density is of all these models???

  91. i am from puerto rico …im 5 3 and weight 90 pounds and i love it i think that u should aceept ur body just like it is ..!!if you are skinny great if you hace curve even greater but i bet thAt all that haters who commented that is awful bla blah blah are just really overweiht so your bad next time dont stick so mucho food down ur troath and lay of the fries jajaja

  92. peace bitches!!

  93. They are really just too thin, and they are ruining their health. Their organs are in a state of emergency and permanent need of nutrients… they will just die young… To me they look like ghosts… not beautiful anymore, just achievers of a great task: not eating. No jealousy here… my heart cramps up when i see them… they suffer… Trying to be slim is healthy, but thin, NOOOO!

  94. When you’re hungry you can’t think about anything else then food… all your thoughts are preoccupied by food…. how convenient… thin women won’t think…

  95. I dont think they look bad at all. I wish I was that size. I think most woman do want to be that size 0,2,4. Well we all want to be what we aren’t. If I was that size at least the damit Jeans would fit me. Now I have a hard time finding Jeans that are cheap and fit as I need 36 length and 8 in waist. I want to be a size 4 and wish I was able to become that. I was at one point and time but now I am not weighing 125lb and 5 foot 9 inch (176 cm) high.I am now 160 lb and a size 8. I hate it. I do not ever junk and eat healthy and exercise but seem to have a hard time keeping it off. I never drink alcohol or anything sweet drinks. I am a health freak and know its hard. I don’t get how much drugs these models need to stay away from food.

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